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le plus petit chef

From Idea... to Production

An idea. A script.

The place and the scene that will host it. The light and the people that will frame it. The words, whispers, the music that will dress it. Clapboard, recording and then editing. These are the cinematic acts that must be done to make a film. A film, short or long, a documentary, an advertising spot that tells a whole story in a few seconds, a corporate video.
Le plus petit chef does exactly this job. And it's doing it well. It serves to the audience quality content, fresh material and at the same time it cooks non-stop the next projects. The ingredients of its success? Love and knowledge for art, technology, animation and for every moment that a scene can make memorable through time.


Le plus petit chef is an independent production company founded by the award-winning director Gregory Vardarinos and writer Filippos Mandilaras in 2017. Having won many film festival awards and the state literary prize respectively, the people of le plus petit chef rightfully belong to the elite of the creation and production of audiovisual material. Based in Thessaloniki and Athens, the company undertakes productions of TV series and shows, documentaries, short and feature films, commercials and promotional spots, as well as corporate videos.

PORTFOLIO: Our selected work

"45 masters 60 apprentices"
Series of 12 half-hour documentaries which have been shot in several parts of Greece, where the young protagonist Christos Zakharov "learns" the secrets of traditional crafts from craftsmen, working alongside them.
"Frying Oil Recycling"
Completed Innovative Pilot Management of Frying Oils - our new video that resonates strong environmental messages.
"Philhellenes - Fighting for Freedom"
Le plus petit chef in co-operation with Cosmote TV created the mini-series Philhellenes - Fighting for Freedom. This is an anniversary series of six episodes dealing with the phenomenon of Philhellenism. This historical documentary shows the Greek uprising against the Turks, the persons who instigated the Greek revolution, the support of the Europeans and the assemblies that organized the revolution.
"Make-up for women with visual impairments"
Women with visual impairments or total blindness participated in a makeup seminar. Their female nature, strong and undefeated, helped them to interact with their teacher who tried to introduce them to the art of makeup. A subversive concept that captures the difficult reality of people who do not see the world as most, but at the same time highlights the power of human will. Produced for Vice Greece.
"Thessaloniki 1917: The fire that gave birth to a city"
Based on the true events of the great fire of Thessaloniki in 1917, the documentary “The fire that gave birth to a city” showed for the first time to the audience archival material in high definition. Through dramatized testimonies of city residents and interviews with researchers and historians, the director Gregory Vardarinos shed light on the devastating fire that changed the face of Thessalonica forever and on how it stood for the reconstruction of the entire city. This film documentary premiered in Thessaloniki in 2017 and then it was aired throughout the country and at many festivals, winning two prizes. It was a co-production with Cosmote History channel and the support of TIFF-HELEXPO and Thessaloniki Port Authority.

Premiere for the new documentary series “Philhellenes - The Freedom Fighters”

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821, it premiered in March, in the Cosmote History HD channel, the mini-series of historical documentaries “Philhellenes - fighting for freedom” made up of six episodes. Through our screens we will learn about the phenomenon of philhellenism, the facts and the key people that led to the beginning of the Greek revolution, but also the contribution of the assemblies to the organization of the revolution and the construction of the new state. This documentary series was a production of le plus petit chef for Cosmote TV.

Participation in the Digital Production Challenge II

March 29 to April 1, 2021 took place the Digital Production Challenge II https://digiprodchallenge.com/#home online workshop in which we participated with a scholarship. It is about the digital workflow program in an audiovisual production. In 4 days important industry mentors give case studies to the participants in order to hone their skills at the various stages of any production. Participation in this and indeed at this time when many shortcomings and difficulties have arisen is important because it brings the future of digital audiovisual production to the present.

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